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Domafox here to say I have had the time of my life last night with pinkberry

We both got to see Adam and Jamie of the Mythbusters live in Spokane.

Here is a sample of what went on.


Also we discovered another local fur and friend of Pinkberry got to show up on stage in a double dare like stunt with another audience member and won the challenge.

As for me I was actually able to give a Q&A question to Adam of what his favorite buster moment was, and this whole night was well worth it. ^^
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Domafox here with a special offer for everyone out there.

Since FC is officially over I have a lot of supplies left for my dogtag badges, and I counted that I have up to 21 sets remaining, so which means I am going to offer a huge sale for the dogtags.

Its $5 per dogtag badge set, you can have them with a custom background and pose, or if you want I can make it in the style of Team Fortress 2 with a red or blue team set.

Please give me a PM if you would like to order a set, but remember these will be limited cause once I reach 21 orders, they are gone for good.
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Color Testing - Feedback Required

Domafox here with a little coloring test that I would like some feedback on.


Basically I am working with some color changes in my pallets on Photoshop and I would like to know which of these colors best suits my fursona as of now.

The Natural Grey are colors that became default in Photoshop, while Cool Grey are new colors I obtained.

Also my vest color is looking at possible changes, I need to know which color looks better to you.
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Domafox here with my final offers for Further Confusion Badges for 2012 before we get ready and start preparing for the trip in 2-3 weeks.

Up for grabs are the following badges you see here. I will be at FC to personally hand out the badges, but I don't have a dealer's table so I will need some meeting arrangements to locate or have someone pick up the badge for you.

Send me a PM note to come and order your badges.
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Updates of the Week

Domafox here with some updates of the week

First off my new job at the hotel has been working me hard for those extra hours cause in the last 4 days we were with a full house and ended up working into overtime a few times. Which does mean some good pay by the next weekend's payday.

Next up the weather up here has been constantly shifting from wet to dry and it just doesn't want to make up its mind to become summer now. It is raining as of now here.

Also I have been a bit slow in getting myself to finish some more artworks cause of how screwed up my routines are right now at the moment, but I hope to try and get back on track once again here XD

That is about all for the updates, Domafox signing out XP
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I Got A Job!

Hehe finally I got myself a part time job after so much effort, however its all weekends at the hotel XP

But the good news is that I can start earning some extra income while I continue to search for a job in Graphic Design.
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Poll theis

What Species do you think Doma Looks good aside an fox or otter?

Anything Else

Info, if anything else, state what species you think XP
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Updates So Far

Domafox here with some updates of the week so far.

Its been a complete mixture of up and down for me this past week so here is what went on.

First off we had a surprise birthday for my sister who turned 30 as of lately. We invited our close friends of the family and my brother to come over for the event.

The next day we had the usual Passover Dinner gathering with everyone that my dad knew and invited. But I still can't believe we always end up making a habit repeating the same chorus verses when it wasn't required to repeat every single year XD

The down however is that I got sick after the event was over so I was completely out of it for the whole week. Good news is I am feeling a whole lot better today.

Next up, my folks are departing for their conference trip this Thursday, so which means I am once again in charge of the house, but this will be my first time watching the house with out new dogs Derado and Aerial. So I am going to be on a busy watch with them for the meantime.

As of lately I have been successful in giving away a lot of my old stuff I don't need anymore from board and PC games to a few toys I didn't need. Some of these items ended up with big profits on Ebay so I am glad to have made some money back. I still have a few items to give which I will reveal later in another post.

Also I have been getting my eyes used to playing First Person Shooter games like Team Fortress 2 and its addictive I will admit XP

On a final note here, my fursona as you all have known in the past can change into an otter only during October time. Well after much thought I have decided to make the Doma-Otter side an official fursona character as of now. Keep in mind he still holds the same personality as my fox side, but just as an otter.

That is about all I have to update for now, Domafox signing out.
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Where have I been? XD

Sorry about the long absence, but a lot of things have been going on lately in my life.

First off my folks have a lot of preparations to make for their conference trip at the end of the month. So I have been busy working over time.

Also I have been busy making some renovations to my room in terms of removing stuff I don't need anymore to some extras and I will provide a list of things I don't need anymore for those who would like to have any items up for grabs. Also I am going to repaint the walls so expect a new makeover look of before and after soon.