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Califur Report & Update of the Week.

Domafox here is the Califur Report and an Update of what is going on up in Idaho.

The Califur Report is under the cut.

Thursday: May 15

Thursday morning was a killer for me, I had to get up at 3 am in the morning to get to the airport which gave me very little sleep that night, but I was able to endure it and I arrived at Burbank waiting for firewolf66 and almightytora to come pick me up and take me to FW's new home he moved into to drop my stuff off before we headed to his workplace. After the work was over, we all hit the arcades where you have guessed it, Firewolf and I began our Batsu Games with Marvel Vs Capcom 2 again, and yours truly lost it as usual. But that was 1/2 of a Batsu Game, Growly had his own for me in the term of DDR and I lost there as well. After the arcades, we headed to Walmart and Michaels to get some supplies for Firewolf's new steampunk outfit for Califur. We returned back to Firewolf's place to crash for the meantime before we all decided to go out for Dinner. The place we went to ended up getting infested with mosquitos, but I knew they were gnats based on experience, so we had to get our order to go and take it back to Firewolf's place. Afterwards we completed Firewolf's Steampunk Tools for his tool belt and I then started to do Firewolf's Batsu which was eating a gummy bug with caeyan pepper on it. My mouth was burning XD

Friday: May 16

On friday, all of us were packing up for Califur but we had to go back to Firewolf's workplace since he had work that day. We spent the day hanging out there while watching Gaki No Tsukai on our ipods. After the day was done, we had to do a couple more errands before we could head to the hotel which sort of set us back from getting to see everyone and getting to the dealers den that day. Needless to say we made it to the hotel and met up with the furtopian crew which consisted of streakthetiger tabbicus brown_wolf farraptor firewire and sushi_cougar. Later we suited up that night and I got to spend a bit more time with more So Cal furs that Firewolf, Brown wolf, and Growly hung out with on a regular basis. a group pic of us is seen here

Later Firewolf, Brownwolf, and I headed for Streak's room to have a night party with everyone that was invited to. Needless to say there was drinking there, but probably less for me since I only had like half a beer since it was the first time I ever drank beer :P After that, we headed for our room to play some more Capcom Fighters on the Dreamcast Firewolf brought with us to play, while we waited for jup_reindeer to arrive late that night.

Saturday: May 17

Saturday was more enjoyable for me in a way. After Firewolf and I got our commissions started at the dealers den, we played some Smash Bros Brawl and other classic games in the gaming lounge while we waited for lunch hour to arrive where we met up with milesamatthias and waited for a few more So Cal furs to join us for Japanese cooking, and we got some great entertainment at the restaurant that day with our cook, and also seeing someone celebrate their birthday at the next table and watching the staff dress up in Asian Animal masks :P

Back at the hotel, we started to prepare for the fursuit parade where we had to wait at the back of the kitchen path for the parade to start, it was okay until we stepped outside in the hot 90+ F weather, but we were all greatfull to be inside a tent to cool off before we headed back into the hotel. While inside the tent, Firewolf and I chatted with gamer_wolf and Summercat about the future plans for FC 09 and on Gamer Wolf's badges he was wearing that day.

Later Firewolf and I headed back for the dealer's den to get some last minute commissions before the den was closed and then waited at the gamer's lounge. I took the time to compete in a Smash Bros Brawl tournament where I came short again of making it to the semi-finals but I got to be part of the final 6 which is equivilent to the final 8 in the Melee tournament at FC.

After that, we joined up with the So Cal furs for dinner at the Soupkitchen next to the hotel and just enjoyed chatting all night. After it was done, we all headed back to the hotel to suit up for dancing that night and it was a whole lot better than the stuff they had the previous night. Needless to say they showed a music video of the Japanese Music Group, Yatta :P After that, we all headed back for our room to play a bit more dreamcast and watch some mythbusters I had on my laptop.

Sunday: May 18th

The next morning I took the time to pack up and get ready for my flight home later, after watching the weather channel, I saw my home area was having flooding occurring and it made me concerned for when I would come back home.

Afterwards we headed for the lobby to chat with kaysho and Miles a bit more before we headed for the dealer's den to get the last of our commissions and some other goods. It took a while for the badge I was getting from Keovi to be completed. But during the wait, we went to the gamer's lounge and saw someone actually had E.T. for the Atari and was playing it. Then we ran into the artist alley to see what was there and chatted with some of the artists that we met previously at FC.

While the wait for the commissions continued, Firewolf and I moved all our stuff out of our room to Growly's room so we can check out and retrieve our stuff before I left for the airport. Needless to say at that time, Growly's batsu too place, which I will keep as a secret since only Firewolf and Growly knows. XD

Later we were chatting with Gamer Wolf, Miles, catsbymoo, and Kaysho while we all waited for my commission to be done and when it was, I said my goodbyes to everyone there as Firewolf and I headed back for the airport in Burbank. However the drive wasn't going to be pleasant to the tune of William Hung being sung on the radio XD Its so wrong to hear his off key singing. Anyway we make it to the hotel and I said good bye to Firewolf as I checked my baggage into the flight I was going on.

Upon returning back home, it was dark and so much cooler and I was glad for it because there was just so much heat to endure while in So Cal. My parents picked me up and we all headed back home at like 10 pm that night.

This year's Califur was more enjoyable social wise for me since I got to meet a lot more of the So Cal furs I never met before, and I got some good commissions as well. It could use some improvements next year, but for now FC 09 will be next on the agenda of cons to make.

That is all for this Califur Report, and now the Update of the Week.

"The Update of the Week."

Before leaving the hotel at Califur, I saw on the weather channel that there was flooding going on in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Area. The footage they showed was the Kootnei County distrct of Cd'A which is where my home is situated. I was starting to wonder how bad the floods have gotten since I was away, but upon returning I discovered that the areas that were badly flooded were all around the lake and river locations and I can tell they have been way above flood levels. The cause of this flood? Thanks to the heavy snow last winter, it all melted away making the waters flood higher. It will go away later on, but for now we just have some flooded areas to contend with.

Yesterday, I saw Prince Caspian with my family, and it was a decent movie to watch. The only problem I had with it was that it cut out an important scene at the very beginning of the movie of Caspian and his Professor up at the tower at night watching the stars while learning about the history of Narnia. But the enjoyable part was Repacheap the Mousketeer in bringing humor to the movie and I know I will be ready to see him again in the third movie when it comes out.

As for today, the rain has started to pick up again and I am taking my time to continue reorganizing my room with stuff to rehang on the walls and some furniture to remove from my room thanks to the new bed I just got last week. There will be pics on that in a future post.

That is all for this update, Domafox signing out.


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