January 2nd, 2007

Michelle Light

FC Badges, update, & Some ideas for a new art style

Domafox here again to give a small update on my current badges I have been working with.

So far I got 3 more badges complete and I am looking at to complete 3 more before the 10th of this month so I can ship them out in time before the 18th.

plus as for the rant I have had a bit previously, it made me think a bit more about how to approach this and change up my style again. So I am going to try and work on a bit of fan art to get total copying of characters in as close as I can get, and also draw normal animals to get the ideas of how their muzzles should look since according to my problem with it now is making them look to canine and making the noses the same.

Plus where ever I go on the net, I always see that someone is getting ready for FC. Its like everyone is going to FC but me here and its truly not a pleasant thing to feel of being left out, but there are some out there like me who can't attend because of certain reasons.

I am going to do a lot of money saving if I want to pull off getting my own car and attending two cons, especially when it comes to finding a job to work for with decent payment.

I remember that the hotel I was working at a few summers back gave me like about $200-$400 for every two weeks which helped me to afford the first year of books at NIC. So I might as well put that into my list of jobs to attend again, but this time I am definately going to be working in the summer since I am just taking extra classes while finding the right college to attend.

Well that is all for this update, Domafox signing out.
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