January 16th, 2007

Michelle Light

Farewell to those going to FC

Domafox here, in a little bittersweet mood because the time has finally arrived, and those who are going to FC will be leaving tomorrow at the earliest.

I truly wish I was going, but I have only my best for next year to set aside like $500+ for everything needed if I am to attend. Especially if the next date is around my birthday

Even though I can't be there with everyone and won't hear a lot from them until after Monday, I will say to everyone that have the best time this year at FC and if anyone has plans for Califur in May, I will see you all there.

Most specifically, Firewolf, Brownwolf, Far Raptor, Syrus, Kobuk, Wolfnevets, Siege, Rexwolf, Trigger Happy Squirel, Lexintong Greywind, Windmist, Terminotaur, Cameroo, Oz Kangaroo, Tekka, SR Foxley, Moorcat, Big Blue Fox, and all the other Dealers Den Furry Artists. Have the best time of your lives at Further Confusion 07.

Domafox signing out for 6 days.
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