January 18th, 2007

Michelle Light

Silent Night

Doamfox here, well everyone is at FC having a good time without me. However just when I thought I could try to do something else to help keep my mind not too focused on missing everyone who went by talking with those who didn't go, well they had plans too tonight and now I am just sitting here in a little depression state of loneliness because I miss everyone already.

Tomorrow I start my video editing class, and go job hunting again, while one week from today is my 23rd birthday, not a good way to have fun and planning when everyone you know is away without you.

What makes this FC also as hard to endure as the last is that everyone you know is there without you, last year it was just four people who I met from furtopia who was having fun, mostly Firewolf was the one I was missing that time.

This year, almost every single person I know from local areas to constant IM chats is there having the best time of their lives without me there to enjoy it.

I will get out of this state eventually, mostly by tomorrow or Saturday. However it won't take away the fact that I am misserable and lonely without those who I care and talk with so much.

Well here is to try for FC 08, $500+ is my bench mark to achieve if I am to attend this convention in 08, Califur is already underway when I get my credit statement clears so I can purchase my plane ticket.

I would so love to have something from FC if anyone could get one, but its wishful thinking which I know may not happen as much.

Domafox signing out.
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Michelle Light


Sorry about the last post everyone, I will try to hold out my best for FC to be over with. Because I shouldn't take away everyone's enjoyment.

Tomorrow I will do my best to hang in there till Monday is here

Someone better get a good birthday gift for me :p *wishful thinking*

Anyway take care everyone and I will hear from you again.
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