March 4th, 2007

Michelle Light

Update of the Weekend

Well Domafox here again with some updates about this weekend that has taken place in Coeur d'Alene.

For the last couple of days I have been partaking in the first film festival ever held up here and I was even hired to work on the control for the movies the were being filmed at the Resort. Plus a couple of my own video projects I was working on in class got used to the movie shorts hour and here is one for every one to see.¤t=videoediting2007.flv

Not just that but also I got to see a future release of a movie that is going to be nation wide. The title is Teenage Dirtbag, and it is a drama about teens in high school. Everything about it was filmed in my home town of Coeur d'Alane at North Idaho College, Coeur d'Alene High, and the lake itself.

So be on the look out for that movie when ever it is out and you can see what my home is like and that it won't be like Napoleon Dynamite which is further south and flat.

That is about all I have to say for now, Domafox signing out.
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Michelle Light

Furry Artists & Jams

Well Domafox here again with just some small facts about myself and others around me as furry artists.

I know that a lot of the furries I know on my IM, DA, FA, and LJ lists have art jams at their local furry meets that are held at certain dates of the months.

Well art jams are always a rarity for me since I am among one of two furry artists up here and the other is about to move down to the Southeast US to live with his mate.

For me personally I would love to just hang out with fellow furry artists and have the fun like all my other furiends have every time. However I can't with the way they are rare up here, and so far the only sketching I have in one of my jam books is by Firewolf when he was up here last summer.

The only way I can enjoy having fun with fellow artists and share their skills with mine is to be at a furry con or at one of their meetings whenever I am in the area. Which is not as often as I would have liked up here, but thats how my life goes since Idaho is not furry populated like other states on the Pacific coast and sharing art skills pretty much happens online with like Open Canvas or a webcam session.

Which did bring up something Brownwolf, Firewolf, and I talked about for when Califur was to come. We can have our art jam with a few of the So. Cal furs in the afternoon on saturday which will be a good experience for me to have than last year since I was worn out from the Wolf Ranch visit and hardly got to interact with everyone there since I was new and completely outside with them.

I know that Cameroo, Kitsune Zero, Drake, and a couple more of the So Cal artists were there, but no one hardly got the chance to know me as much since I was my usual quiet self and never became social since I was so new to them.

I know I will be more prepared for this art jam since I have a new sketch book for my own arts and I still have the trade book for others to draw in it. I am looking forward to having more people draw in that book, but I know to get more I have to interact more. Brownwolf and Firewolf I know will help me to interact more since I chat with them on a regular basis and they know everyone from FC and So Cal furmeets.

Being a lone furry artist up in Idaho is never fun, but its the life I have to deal with a lot until I do live in an area with more.

That is all for this tired fox after a long day with the film festival. Good night all, and Domafox signing out.
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