March 25th, 2007

Michelle Light

Another flashback

Domafox here again with my entry down memory lane again. This time it all has to do with my first year in Idaho back in 1996. So here is the trip to Memory lane of what my family did that got us here living today.

It was January 28th, I had my birthday over with just now and my parents were telling my family about a trip to Idaho by plane flight since they were out of a job and being offered to work for a new firm. So we all packed up and prepared to make our flight from Denver to Salt Lake City for a connection flight then to Spokane where we made our rental van to Coeur d'Alene for the first time.

I remember it was one of the coldest winters out there in Idaho since a lot was freezing then. Several piles of snow on the ground, Hayden Lake was a completely frozen lake with ice over a foot thick, and the skies were cleared.

I remember the first day over was so cold that we had to get to the van as soon as he were outside it. So we managed to get on the road from Spokane to Coeur d'Alene where we made our stop to some good friends of ours, the Perkans. The location was Fairmont Loop which was about 5 minutes outside of Coeur d'Alene. My family stayed with them for the whole week we were there and this was also a time where we did Home Schooling too so we brought our important homework of Math and Grammar subjects and for me Spelling.

Among our places we have been to up in Idaho was browsing the town for places to live in temporarily, we saw a few in Coeur d'Alene and Hayden, one house we saw was not appealing at all, another was just so small for us to live in. The last house we visited was a cabin lake house next to Hayden Lake. It was named Windover since the sign outside said it. We had finalized our home for our first months in Idaho.

At the time I thought it was a normal trip, but I had no idea we were going to move, and it made me not want to move a whole lot because I be missing my favorite places and my best friend Brian. However my parents have been finding ways for my siblings and I to enjoy what Idaho had to offer since it was a small town at the time. For my sister, it was a hobby and craft store since she was so art inclined more than I was at the time. For myself it was the Trade Game store since I loved it some much in Colorado at the time. We found one up here and we were all set to move then even though I didn't like to.

We then later went to check out more places in Idaho such as the Silver Lake Mall district, right there is when I got a gaming magazine at the Software Ect. and found out about the N64's planning and debute. I was so eager to find out more that I purchased it as one of my souveniers from Idaho.

Among our last visit in Coeur d'Alene was a trip to Spokane where we met up with an old teacher of my dad who lived in a convent, which is a gathering for nuns. After hearing of how she and my dad were student/teacher here, I was becoming ammused with the prospect of living here some more.

The day finally came where my family headed back for Colorado and we took the same flight to get back to Utah then Colorado. While in Utah I went to the gift shop and picked up a Salt Lake City Penant as something to hang on the walls of my new room.

Once we were home, they started getting storage boxes and packing up ahead of time. The final moving date was February 6th where friends and family of ours came to help us unload the whole house and move away. What I did with my final moments was ride my bike around the usual bike path one last time to take in as much of my old home from the day I moved in there. Among the places I missed so much was the hangouts at the mini-mall near our usual grocery store, the bread shop that gave fresh bread slices for free, and of course my best friend Brian. To this day I have no idea where he is now and I would love to know if he is around.

We're all packed up now, we decided to make our final stop in Colorado my grandpa's home in Grandby where we stayed at his place for the night. I remembered I watch a couple of shows on his TV when there, but from what I remember we left a few plants of ours at his place because we couldn't take them along with us. Finally we were off and running after saying my goodbye to Grandpa since we wouldn't see him on a regular basis again.

My family made a two day trip all the way from Colorado to Idaho, among our trip was to go up through Whyoming and Montana. Through out it my brother and I were so fascinated with Swiss Army Kinves since he was given two as gifts, that we bought some of the el-chepo brands at the gas station shops along the way. Also my dad helped out another driver whose car radiator froze overnight. Appearantly he had a dog too I say of a malamute type and the dog as sitting on and next to me for the whole trip to his place where we dropped him off and said good bye there as well.

February 10th, we finally made it to Hayden. Since it was still a snowy place when we arrived, we had to leave the moving van up hill to avoid it getting stuck at the driveway down the hill. The best part about the Windover Residence was that it was pre-furnished for us and we decided upon which rooms to take. My sister took the downstairs bedroom which had a bathroom to it, and my brother took a spare bedroom upstairs that had all the privacy for himself. Myself I ended up with the bedroom next to his which was always open for viewing since it was next to the stairs, but I took advantage of the situation more now since there were a couple of things I could do for my own space. One was to decorate it any way I want now since it was my own room. Another was since my mom and dad weren't using the TV in their master bedroom, I decided to move it up there and have it as our gaming and TV unit so we didn't interfer on their time down stairs.

As the first couple of weeks went by, our family got into a new church, my dad started his new job, and we moved most of our stuff into storage until we found a better place to stay in. However with the staying in our place brought on two problems for me at first, one was the fact we didn't have cable like we did in Colorado and were left with Local stations which lead me to play on our NES or Gameboys more, and due to the fact that we didn't have any local kids in our area I was left to find something else to entertain me with and it was paper dolls of my favorite game characters that I would use with dice to make up games with. (I will make a post about that later on)

So with boredem a lot at times, my family tried to continue out home schooling which was very slow soon afterwards because of how much the moving made an impact on us. So to relieve the boredem, I came up with the idea to go rent a SNES system at one of our gaming stores, and thanks to my mom were were able to rent our first system and actually play SNES while it was still around on US shelves. My brother and I would play rental games everytime we got near the weekend, but one thing did spark us to try and do something while we were up here. One was to get a new NES controler at the trade game store, another was to trade in our Road Runner game for Super Mario Bros. 3 and it was a smart move for us too.

During the cold winters of February, my family walked out on the frozen lake a few times to get out of the house, but by the time the ice was melting events of my life were on a life taking course. My dad, brother, and I were out on the dock that came with the cabin for boating, we were just enjoying the view out there while I was messing about with a rope hanging on a branch over a part of the ice. Foolishly I hung onto the rope while tapping the ice and next thing I knew I was falling into the water with half of my body in it. My dad then helped me get back to the dock and we got back into the house where I sat in the Heart-shaped Jaccuzzi to warm up and avoid hypothermia.

You thought I would have learned by now to not do that again, well it did happen again. This time what happened was I was out on the dock all by myself enjoying moving it was a piece of board pressed against the ice. Then I saw a piece of broken ice in the water and I decided to see if I can push it underneath the full ice layer, well with the dock going one way and the ice going another I lost complete balance and fell into the water with my whole body this time. Now this was a point where I had no one to help me get out since they were all back in the house, however I managed to find there was a cable on the dock that I used to help me get back on and I pulled myself to safety. At this moment I was soaking wet, completely cold, and also in a state of stupidity as I tredged back up to the house slowly. As I made my way back to the side door and walked in to where my mom's and dad's office was, they saw one look at me and wondered what happened, and I told them I fell into the water completely as I took off my wet coat and shoes and made my way upstairs to get some new clothes so I can get dressed after I was in the Jacuzzi again.

However spending time in Idaho was not all that bad for my family, we ended up living next door to a family of raccoons that came each night for food. We set out cat food for them and when night fall came we would turn off the lights inside and watch them eat at their meals and also sleep in the flower box that was on the rail. There were 3 raccoons that came and visited us a lot and they were Mama, a raccoon we believe to be pregnant by how fatter she was getting then skinny later on, Long John, a raccoon with a head injury on his eye by a predator of somesort, and Ranger, a name we thought would suit a raccoon. The loving parts of this was the fact that we were next to wild life which was rare in Colorado, and I was so ammused with raccoons that I made a little documentary book about my knowledge of them.

Spring was coming and the lake ice was finally broken up to prevent people from getting out and drowning themselves on accident. My sister would always play her Christian Music video she had recordings of back in Colorado and one of the musicians on that tape was a big favorite of mine that I had to get an album of their works. So we took a trip to our Christian Music store and I found the exact album and I was so overjoyed to listening to it each time. The group was Out of the Grey, and I loved their music so much that I would get each cassette that was out.

We then saw an amazing bird called a Stellar Jay, which was like a blue jay with a black head and a voice that sounded like a hawk. We laid out fresh bread pieces for them on the rail and they would always make this hop across the rail to get a couple of pieces, whatever the jays didn't eat, the raccoons would.

My fascination with Raccoons grew some more as I tried to figure out where they were living at along our property, so my brother and I went on a little walk to areas of the house and figured to where they were, however with wet grass it was going to be slippery and it was for me when I accidently slipped and my hand landed on a nail from a board. The nail went right through my hand as I pulled it back off and went to my mom who helped me soak the hand in iodine and went to the doctor soon for tetnis shot. My hand was in so much pain that it was swollen and hard to move. I still have a puncture scar from that day.

By the time we hit Easter, my family decided to give us one last Easter Egg hunt by making the hunt both inside and outside. So we made our eggs as usual and by the time morning came we were set to find the eggs that were hidden, I remember my sister got the most that day since she found the big hidden ones outside more. Later on I learned that my dad was asked to sing for the Church Chior since of how well he can sing, and I started learning a bit more about what the Church had for activities. However there were a few drawbacks to the Sunday School we attended and it was due to the fact that I was still new and too shy to meet anyone new there. Everytime my family went to church and my dad engaged in his long conversations with people of the church, I would always wonder the halls and spend more time at the gymnasium to waste some time while doodling on my paper pads given. It was also this time that story telling in my head occoured and I would always think of adventures that I would go as since it was either Star Trek or Video Game related.

Also during this time I would continue to get those gaming magazines and it was when I discovered about Super Mario RPG and I became so interested into it that I had to play it where ever it was availible, but to my luck it was rented out so many times. So I did the best I can with images in my head of how the story went by using paper doll to work on it.

With the heat at a very warm pace, I was the first person bold enough to jump in the lake when the temp was 60 F, which is somewhat decent for wading but not for swimming. I swam in parts of the lake near the shore and thankfully we were given a row boat to row around in and my sister and I would go in it a lot as we rowed from one side to another and one of our best rowing events was discovering a woodpecker on the tree since we never saw one in RL before.

May has arrived, our final month in the Windover house was coming and we were in need of moving into our new house we had found, but the owner was being stupid enough of not leaving yet so we had to find a temporary place to live in so a friend of ours decided to give us a small cabin house to stay in for two weeks which was on another side of Hayden Lake. I didn't like to leave Windover because of how luxary it was for us, but we had to move out. I was going to miss the raccoons the most since they were our big enjoyment of the whole house, however we had to move out, so we took what was ours and placed everything that was in the house back to the way it was since we moved in.

The new cabin we were at was not as comfortable in living in because the TV reception was bad, the cooking was so old fashion, and the lake water there was so much colder than our old place. However it was our place to stay and I picked to stay in the bunk house behind the cabin. However when we moved into the place, something then caught my eye in the bushes next to it. There were two cats sitting in the bushes watch us, one was of course meowing a lot. We figured they belonged to someone else on the lake and continued with our stuff. A couple hours later and one of the cats decided to come out and greet me I pet it and introduced it to my famil and next thing we knew he came in and laid on the cabin floors as if it was his home. This cat was a brown tabby cat, his was more laid back and calm with people around. The other cat was shy and didn't come out yet until I was on the way to the bunk house to set up and she came and greeted me and enjoyed my company. She was a black and white cat, always vocal, and also frisky for attention. My family tried to find out who their owners were and discovered that no one even owned them, so we made found cats ad in the papers to see if someone would respond there. During this time the cats were living with us, and we named the male T.J. (Thomas Jefferson) and the female Britches (because of white markings on her hind legs as if it were underwear).

During this time my family got a bad case of Cabin fever and rented movied galore to get past boredem inside that place. I couldn't play my NES there because there was no place to put it, so I was left with my paper dolls and Game Boy to play with. My sister and I took advantage of our water situation and swam in the cold waters getting use to the cold shock each time. Also I remember during a friendly visit from friends of ours, I accidently threw a bowl into the lake as it sank and I went to get it from the ground of the water, but the water pressure made me too dizzy and I had to get out and I was ill with too much pressure going to my head.

Also during this time I ended up getting sick from pains in my side where it was believe I had a bad case of constipation and I was flinching each and every time I tried to get up or move about until I can get my systems moving. From that point I had to move out of the bunk house and into the main house with the rest of the family.

Two week have gone by and my parents again tried to see if our house was availible, and it shows the owners were being bigger idiots so as a result we were forced to find another place to live in, this time it was for a whole month. So my family went and got us a temporary stay at a hotel near Silver Lake Mall while they went to find an appartment building to live in for a month. We found it at the Fairwinds near the Hayden town district. So we packed up our stuff again to live in another furnished home, however the cats we were living with had no owner to claim them, so after a family talk we decided to own them after losing our old pets in Colorado before the move. So they came with us from the lake to the apartments. Living in the apartment was so much better than the cabin since we could get some decent stations, however with only two bedrooms my brother and I were forced to sleep on the couches in the place.

We spent the whole time inside the apartment for the month of July, among a few things we did was go to the Silverwood amusement park since their new roller coaster, the Grizzly (later Timber Terror), was finished. However the last time I was on a roller coaster was back in 1994 before the car accident, and once I was on that coaster, I got sick immediately from head rush. I was not having a good time that day with a headache all about and I did nothing but sleep after we got back home.

Home schooling became so much harder now that we had to work through the summer just to finish our class for that grade and the grades to come. We would have several cases where we never did any home work and would postpone stuff far too much. So we went into overdrive when the time for us to move again had arrived.

Finally we were given the okay to move into our new house situated on Fairmont Loop where we first began our Idaho Journey, I helped move all the stuff out of storage with a few of my dad's co-workers and we got it all into our new home for the next two years. I love this house so much because of how spacious it was. There was a huge living room with a fireplace, an intercom system for contacting above and below, it was near a good residency in the area, and best of all was that I had a much larger and private room to stay in for my own. However when the moving was over with, I all of a sudden began to be ill as if I had a cold coming and sure enough I did. My siblings and I all came down with it and we all moved out of the apartments into our new place where we started our upacking and sorting out of the place.

We finally got done with our school in the middle of August, and I was rewarded the chance to rent a system again, and this time I was determined to play Mario RPG and we finally gotten it at a rental store. I remember I would play as much as I can while we had a good 5 day rental on it.

Summer was over, our family was settled into our new home, and we were ready to get back on track with our schooling again. It seemed that our new family life was going to be better.

In September, my parents told me of a youth group at the church that I should attend because of how lonely I was getting in my life, so I joined their group and loved to hang out with fellow teens my age where we played games and did Bible study sessions together. Then later in October I learned of a Youth Group Lock In which was an overnight stay inside the church to see who could stay up for as long as they can. I was excited about going to this, but there was something that was going to wreck some plans for everyone.

That month we had an Ice storm that was completely filled with over 5 feet of ice and snow. Power lines were cut off in several areas, people were being injured from icicles falling, and a building collapsed from the heavy weight of ice on top. My family was glad to have the fire place for heating and cooking where we bonded and waited for the power to be restored. We were in this big ice winter for a whole 6 months. However the ice storm didn't prevent me from going to the youth group lock in, and I was able to be there to enjoy it for a great night of my life.

During this time, my family held a big Thanksgiving dinner for our family which included my grandpa, grandma, member of my dad's family, and a few of our friends. It was one of the biggest we have ever had for our family and I was glad to see everyone after a long time.

Thanks to the high snow and ice we had that whole year, there was so much snow fun outside for us to do since we could make snow bank forts to have snow ball fights with and plenty of hard ground for sledding too.

With Christmas on the verge, my family had it short this year since everytime we had a Christmas it be with my grandpa in his home at Arizona or Colorado. However this year was just going to be us and some of the gifts I had that year was not as expressive as I wanted it to be since the best item that I had gotten was a new Tape/CD player so I could listen to. But also during this month was the time that my family allowed me to rent a N64 when it was out and I enjoyed playing it so much that it took us a lot longer before I went and actually bought one a few years later.

With the new year coming, I had signed up to do a rock climbing event with the youth group, and boy was I scared to climb up so high. I remember that I only did a couple of climbing and that was about it. It was fun none-the-less and best of all was that it was on my birthday too, so I got to do something better for myself at that time. One thing that did suprised me was that I got a Mario RPG players guide in the mail which meant that my grandpa had paid me a year subscription to Nintendo Power Magazine and I was so thrilled with it.

It was now one full year since we lived in Idaho. We were no longer moving, we continued to do our home schooling as much as we could to stay on track, and we had two cats who became the first of many pets for us in Idaho.

This entire year has been a big impact of me greatly because of how much I have taken with me over time after leaving so much of me behind in Colorado, overall the move was worth it I say. A lot of memories to keep with me as I get older into more events in my life. I will say that the biggest event of my moving was the first cabin house since so much of it has happened there and it will always stand out to me the most.

That is all for this entry, Domafox signing out.
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