March 27th, 2007

Michelle Light

Furry Pairings (Random Thoughts)

Domafox here with basically my logic on furries in the fandom which is completely random and just based on what I see so there :P

Basically I know that a lot in arts, Foxes are the most universal furs in the fandom since they are paired with a lot of different species in ways. Most common is of course wolves, but other pairings I see are often the Otters, Roos, certain felines, and huskies.

Now I noticed that a lot of Roo furs in the fandom itself are often hanging around other roos when they see them since they aren't as common as the canine and feline furs. Same for otter furs for similar reasons.

If there are others I may be missing out feel free to mention, I am just learning as I go :p
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