April 6th, 2007

Michelle Light

Outside Time

Well Domafox here again with some updates of the week since Spring Break is over and the preparations for Califur are about to come.

This past weekend I went all the way to Moses Lake, WA and back for a total of 4 hours driving to pick up the Benders who lived next door to my old house back in Colorado when I was an infant. We all had a great time with Passover dinner (and for the record we aren't Jewish, but we did this in a Christian perspective).

I have been on a partial artist block since it was spring break and I was finding something to work on and I decided to make replicas of the envelopes used in the Amazing Race and the looks authentic in a way.

On Thursday I went for a complete errand run for town which included bank, post office, stores, and anything else that comes to mind like measuring the lake temp again. The lake right now is 48 near the beaches and 43 near the rocks on Tub's Hill.

During my run, I accidently locked myself out of my car again by hiding my keys with the Ipod in the car. So I had to wait for my mom to come over and hand me the keys to get in again.

Today's run was mostly enjoying the time outside along Tub's Hill by photo shooting and drawing in privacy and warm environment.

So that is pretty much all as we get ready for Easter Sunday and I get even more closer to Califur.

Domafox signing out