April 17th, 2007

Michelle Light

Report in, Update of the Week

Well Domafox here again with the update of the week, so here is what went on so far.

Friday, My class was cancled again because this time the student film festival was happening at the NIC movie room, once again yours truly got his video editing piece displayed on the roster of students from all over North Idaho schools and colleges.

Saturday, there was suppose to be a local furmeet happening in Spokane, but no one else showed up except for me and syberwulf. So we both made the best of our time together by hanging out at his place for the afternoon and catching up again since its been a few months since we last spoke.

Sunday, I finally got on track to catch up on finishing my request artworks for the FA and DA prizes which I am nearly done with this week, and later that evening I watched the Amazing Race All-Stars with my dad since we both loved watching the show from the very begining. Then after that I took the time to practice up on Marvel vs Capcom 2 before I go to face firewolf66 at the arcades upon arrival for Califur.

Monday, it was one of the busiest days for me physically. The Duck Shelter renovations got underway since I was once again the only one working on it, however this time we ignored as much of the hay bails and switched to fencing enclosures for now. I also got to work on making the divisions for seperating the males from the females again. Last my mom and I got a canopy cover used for pinics to help give shelter to the ducks from the rain which did happen last night, so I am glad we got that out of the way.

That is all for today, Domafox signing out.
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