May 16th, 2007

Michelle Light

Updates so far.

Domafox here again with the updates of what happened so far.

Well the NIC semester is officially over with since finals were this week. Plus I am going to be signing up for the fall again in Capstone and Life Drawing Classes (finally). In addition, my instructor wants me to help out with next year's video editing classes by doing more behind the scenes documentaries of the class semester.

The weather up here has shifted greatly to a summer heat now. The temps are high around 70-80 F with only a couple of thunder showers happening. I check how the lake temp was doing and it increased itself to 60 F which is fair swimming conditions if you are wearing a wet suit. It needs to be up another 10 degrees for it to be bearable without a suit.

Special projects are under way for my sister's wedding with me making the giant poster of both my sister and her fiance from their days as a baby to their engagement photo they gave me recently. You be surprised of how much different people look back then compared to now. In my case I had a lot of hair back then :P

In gaming wise a bit, I found out that on the PYLP studios that I am the top scorer so far in the Press Your Luck games happening for the season. Something I hope to maintain when they do their play off season later on.

In terms of my artwork, I have been real slow into trying to make new arts because I let myself waste the day away doing nothing, so I have to find a way to fix that so I can get back into my art groove. Especially when it comes to my series I have worked on for a long time, and its still unfinished in terms of scripting. So I have to devote some time to completing it there too.

That is all for this update, expect a memory lane post later on. Domafox signing out.
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