May 31st, 2007

Michelle Light

Favorite Swimming Spot, Closed

Domafox here again. I am a bit bitter right now about the fact that one of my favorite swimming locataions was shut off from the public all because of a private home owner making a stupid remark of how far property lines should go. He thought the shores were being bombarded with tourist every ever and felt they were intruding in his space, which is false because only locals knows about the beach while tourists goes to the Resort or Campus beaches for fun. Plus this has been going on for years and shouldn't been closed off to the public like that. He doesn't even want the additional space, he just wants the beaches cleared of people from invading his property sections.

It was taken to the Idaho Supreme, and it lost. They already drew lines in the shores to show where the property and publics lines are, and the public area is too small compared to the rest of the beach as it were years before.

My only fear with this now is that the other areas I go swimming at will be crowded with people since Sanders Beach is closed off and not too many locals would want to go to the resort beach because of how busy it is there.

The only hope is someone making a repeal of it later and get into the idiot's head that the property lines are directly at the flood wall and not the baseline of the water.

Domafox signing out.
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