June 11th, 2007

Michelle Light

Updates of the Week

Domafox here again with the updates of the week so far.

Halfway into June already, the date for my sister's wedding is getting closer and we have a departure date which is from June 26th to July 2nd, so we are looking at a good week in Ohio for the duration. Our trip plans are to have everyone inside the house along with relatives from both sides of the family in Colorado and Oregon for the trip ahead. It is eventual that my grandma will make the trip with us. Plus we have plans to make a connection flight from Spokane to Denver which means I get to see my old home state again and best of all, my Grandpa and his girlfriend, Beth, will be joining us on the flight to Cincinatti. I am so looking forward to seeing them both again since its been well over a year the last time I saw them both.

Once we get to Ohio, we will be driving to Oxford where my sister will be wait for us there. We already have a place to stay we won't have to worry about Hotels as much. Plus from what I also heard, our good friend Rachel and the Benders will be attending with us. It will be like the old days of Colorado again for me ^^.

Also there are plans for me to meet a fellow fur I know there as well since my parents said I can try to meet up with him on the 30th for one day. So hopefully he can find a way to make it to Oxford.

With the trip going on as planned, I have been busy setting up my finances of what to pay my bills with and what to use for my trip, and after that I am all set to be saving for FC 08 by setting aside money for my account and money for the trip since I have a goal of $500 to earn for transportation, food, and rooming by the time we hit like the fall-winter seasons. What I have been doing to save money is by trading and selling my old games I have for some of the newer ones on my portable systems since I play those more often than my consols. Plus I don't see anything else for me to get since the commissions I have going on are paid for and nothing else appeals to me on Ebay for now, so I am good to go save for sure.

In other news here, my duck situation is being cleared and my mom is getting more rest then usual lately since I seperated the flocks into each enclosure. However I am hoping to have a care taker for them over the week I am away since they need more care than others.

On the pet news, I am afraid my cat is not going to last much longer since he is just not eating right and getting to weak to stand up. Even his skeleton is showing on the outside which is truly not a good sign. There has been talk wether he will last before, during, or after the trip to Ohio, and to their estimates, its probably before the time we are away since they feel little can be done for him during the trip we are gone. TJ has been with use for 11 years starting on Friday this week since June 15th was the day we found him since moving to Idaho. I am so going to miss that cat when he passes away. :(

As for the town environment, we have had a lot of rain lately and the weather temp has been around 60-70 F. I am tired of seeing it get colder since I want the lake waters to warm up a lot and be swimable by the time I return home in July since that was my prediction of when it will be decent to swim.

As for artwork techniques, I have been able to find a new method to making foreshortening much better in my posing and I am proud of the results. Such as the card art I did for furtopia provided here. Goes to show I am not always doing males in my arts :P

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Last on the list of stuff I have been up to, I am still the top ranking player of the PYLP: Press Your Luck season 20, and I am so looking forward to seeing what my overall score is now since I think I am near the $200,000 mark on the scores.

With that said, I am done with this update of the week.

Domafox signing out.
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