June 19th, 2007

Michelle Light

The deaths keep rising :(

Domafox here, again I am upset with what has happened today. Even though I lost my cat, 3 days later I lost another duck. The male duck, Philip was killed today by the other male ducks due to their frustrations of being seperated from the females.

When I was out to care for them today, they were plucking and pecking on his dead body. It was horrifying. It makes me upset that they also would do this to him, which makes it clear why I had to seperate them from the females because of their agressive behavior.

This is why I always fear spring-summer time months. Every single animal death that has ever happened in my family always occourred in the months of March-June. Why does it always have to occour in these months? :(

Domafox signing out.
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