July 10th, 2007

Michelle Light

Grandma Needs Prayer

Domafox here, with some bit of news concerning my grandma.

A while ago in my Wedding report, I said that she fell off from the bed during the night one time and we didn't know how badly hurt she was.

My parents took her to the hostpital for a check up on her health and it ended up going from 2 pm to 11 pm yesterday which got me all concerned of what happened.

They told me she had a fractured pevlis from that fall and had to stay in the hostpital for further examination in x-rays, body check ups, and the whole questioning.

My mom said they gave her some kind of medicine that which made her act delerious into thinking there was a cat by her feet and also asking if the nurse was one of the bride's maids for the bridal party.

She is still at the hostpital as of now, but word about her fractured pelvis is okay for now. Its nothing seriously damaged and it didn't go anywhere near her central spine to make her immobile. That I am glad for.

I do ask for some support for her safety so she can return back home safely to us.


Domafox signing out.
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