July 20th, 2007

Michelle Light

Youth Inexperience

Domafox here with my thoughts again on life. This one is about the youthful inexperienced.

After being in the fandom a lot I have notice how often a lot of young furs tend to not think a lot of what they are doing to themselves and their bodies in the prospect.

There are a few who lives under the impression that they must have a mate to feel fulfilled in life, but make the huge mistakes of trying to form one online and also with someone that may have a clashed personality. Showing this mistake is when they are too smitten with false love and gets hurt in the end.

In a case like this is to not rush a relationship but be patient. They are still too young to think about having a mate. When you have a good goal or career in life ahed of you, then you can think of having a life-partner that is based on good merit and also very responsible.

Next case is how they treat themselves with the body. I know there are a lot of furs out there who don't take time to shower or clean themselves because they are either too lazy to do it or just because they hate to shower. That is unhealthy, people can't stand to be anywhere near them and may riot to force you to go and wash up. Even when you are getting a job, you have to have a clean body to give the manager a good impression of your lifestyle. Otherwise they are probably going to end up on the streets when they are kicked out of their homes and left to fend for themselves.

There are also the cases of identity crisis with their sexuality and their genders. Now often a lot, some young furs are often unsure if they like members of the opposite sex or the same sex because they haven't mated in their lifetime so they won't know exactly what to feel secure with until it finally hits them. There are also cases of being a transgender because some of them have the disorder of thinking they should of been born or try being opposite sex.

Going through sex change operations is a big risk because once you change you can never go back as easily. Plus whatever choice you make will have a huge effect on the people in your lives especially your families if you are tight with them. In a lot of cases the ideas are hardest on those who have they have been mates with. Because some feel insecure about seeing their partners become the opposite sex because it contradicts the lifestyle they felt comfortable with in the first place and could lead to break ups. If the person wanting the change was single, then it wouldn't be a big issue with a future partner in life.

In ways the Youth still has a lot to learn about life and themselves. Granted it took me a long time to identify who I was since living a lonely life, however I am aware of the case of knowing when and what is the right time to act. Mateships is not important unless they are really prepared to commit and be responsible. Keeping a healthy body is important for yourself and everyone around. Also taking big risks shouldn't be done until a lot of thought, consideration, and support is given for it.

So learning is an important factor, because if you rush into anything without any real thought, then you will regret it for life and often get depressed for it.

That is all for this report, Domafox signing out.
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