July 22nd, 2007


The reason is clear

Domafox here, I have found out the reason why I was so on edge today. Those visions I had of losing my friends was in relation to my grandma as of now.

She is dying, she has a bad bed sore on her rear that is eating away at her flesh and tissues. The size of it is like 4 inches wide in diameter. When my mom heard news of this, she started getting all upset and crying out because they didn't act upon it sooner.

The anxiety feeling is out of me now, but I am in an emotion of sadness because my grandma may not last by the time summer is over or into September.

I was there to help my mom to overcome the sadness and it made me realise that I may be the one to care for her when she is near my Grandma's age in the future. Out of my siblings I have the biggest heart and care, and she trusts me with it. I know I will greatly care for my mom or dad when they are widow and in need of care.

I will keep updates of my grandma's condition later in this journal.

That is all for now, Domafox signing out.
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