July 25th, 2007

Michelle Light

Depressing Updates

Domafox here again. With more unfortunate news about my grandma.

Last night she had a stroke and was rushed for immediate care. She got stable now, but its not good overall. She substained too much damage and is no longer aware of who people are, she didn't eat or drink, and started losing control of her body a lot.

As much I hate to admit it, she is going to die sometime in the next 7 days. Already members of the family are coming over from Oregon to here to pay her last good byes before she passes away. My brother and I are going to make our last visit to her later today.

Already arrangements of the Grandma's Trust are in effect and her old bedroom will be remaining with us to use as an guest bedroom, money funds will be given to the rest of the family including myself when the time comes.

Funeral arrangements are being made in advance. I have been hired to make another poster, this time a memorabilia for my grandma in her life time of 92 years. The location is San Bernardino, California where she will be burried with her late husband. This will go into effect when she passes away and the family here will be heading to California for a good week.

I do remember of making a long LJ entry of her lifetime and if anyone wishes to see it, just go to this link here. http://domafox.livejournal.com/45365.html

I wish it wouldn't end like this, but it was going to happen with the way she was going. The positive outlook on all of this is that she got to see my sister get married. Which was the last trip she was ever going to take. My sister feels glad that she made it to witness the happy event.

I will be ready to announce the final day whenever it comes. My family needs the support now to overcome this trial ahead of us.

That is all, Domafox signing out.
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R.I.P. Grandma

Domafox here, the unexpected just happened today. My grandma died at 5:40 pm today. I was at her bedside alone when she passed away.

I will truly miss you a lot Grandma, Rest in Peace and have a new life in Heaven.

Domafox signing out.
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