September 19th, 2007

Michelle Light

Open Canvas

Domafox here again with just some feelings about the arts again.

As of lately I know that a lot of furry artists around me have gathered to do art jams or Open Canvas. More and more as it goes by the more I want to try and do some art sessions with other people, but everyone knows how rare it is for me up here.

There are even some of the popular artists that uses OC and I truly would have wanted to experience some drawing with them for the fun of it and not for other reasons as some people have with those who don't do art but just watch.

One of the common OC's I see out there are the ones done by moonstalker, draco751, and Fluke. I have been amused with their arts a lot to help me further improve my sense for drawing bodies. I don't know a lot of the technique they used to draw their forms. Its something that I may or may not happen to see when FC arrives because there is the talk of art jamming there as well.

Sometimes I wish I could get to know some of theses artists a bit more, because from I hear about them from other people, they sound like a great bunch to hang out with more personally.

Art is my life and career I make and its something I love to learn more about from other people out there who make it their life as well. For now I better put in more use of OC when I get the time to do it.

Thats about all I have to say about my thoughts there. Domafox signing out.
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