October 5th, 2007

Michelle Light

Net is out >.< + FC Badges notice

Domafox here again and I am back on dial-up again because my wi-fi is out since last night and the service has been working through the night trying to get it back on to no avail. But I am still able to make up an update using dial-up again.

Anyway about my update, it has to do with FC badges I am volunteering to make for this upcoming convention.

After my midterms are over in the next week, I am able to start working on some in my spare time. There will be a limit to work on for now, but I am offering 10-15 spots for FC badges of who is attending.

Keep in mind of three things here.

1: The Badges will come with a clip and tag to hold it in.

2: I must require a ref-sheet of who to work on for the badges.

3: The Badges can be picked up at FC when I am there.

I am able to take pre-applications for badges now to get a head start on things after next week. So feel free to respond as of now.

Domafox signing out.
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