October 15th, 2007

Michelle Light

Out of the Grey (time memory recall)

Domafox here again with another recall of my life when I was younger.

I have posted before a song lyric of my favorite music duo, Out of the Grey. I am sure not a whole lot of you know who they are. Well I shall tell.

Out of the Grey consists of Scott and Christine Dante and they started their music carrer together back in 1990 with the first album Out of the Grey. I never got to know this group up until I saw their music video Gravity.

http://music.yahoo.com/ar-259671-videos--Out-Of-The-Grey which is seen on this link here.

First time I ever heard this song, I enjoyed it especially since my sister would watch Z TV Top 10 of Christian Music Videos and #2 was Gravity. This song was at the same time I was about to move away from Colorado in 1995-96.

It wasn't until February of 96 when I was living in Windover at Hayden Lake that I bought my first cassette album of Gravity and became hooked with it. I would always listen to it before I fall asleep in bed, and it stayed with me throughout the entire moving we did in Idaho of 96.

In 1998, I spotted their next album which was See Inside, and it came in handy for me a lot because I would listen to it while we traveled on the road to Colorado for Vail Conferences my dad atteneded regularly.

However part of the songs I listened to was also like a background for my series as I continued to daydream in my head about the stories of my fursona as a half human/half fox and his adventures to these songs. Everytime I listen to them today, I still think of those days a lot.

It wasn't until last year that I finally got all the CD's Out of the Grey ever made including 6.1 which was where the song I loved came from. However there won't be any new ones made since I discovered that Scott and Christine are no longer a married couple and still on friendly relationships and they are on with their solo careers as of now.

Listening to these tracks makes me recall the numerous times of my first years in Idaho which I say would be my most memorable years of all time. Everything from the number of moves, getting the cats, playing the new N64 consol along with other classics, the weather we had to face in the ice storm, and the trips my family took during that year.

That is about all I have to write about in this journal. Domafox signing out.
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