October 23rd, 2007


What is up with me? 0.0

Domafox here with just some unusual things that have been dealing with me this whole month.

A lot of the times I feel guilt and fear alot about losing close friends I have in my dreams or stressful situations, but it always ends up to leading to something else stressful I will find or hear about later. Its as if I am having a premonition of something else much worse to come.

Last night I had another one of those again, and what was the bad thing that arrived today? My dad's cousin in Northern California just passed away last night. They may be faced with going down to California for another funeral again.

I am just in complete oddity of why I am always having these thoughts and then it leads up to something bad to come.

This whole month has been very stressful to me a lot because as I said before its my least favorite month of all time because there is so many bad things occurring in the month that makes me a complete wreck.

I made a post about it last year in my LJ seen here. http://domafox.livejournal.com/27114.html

Well my parents will be leaving for California alone this time which means my brother and I are once again left alone at the house for a while. This year has truly been a year of unfortunate events that took place, especially as of this month with so many other stressful things occurring like the fires in San Diego threatening Brown Wolf's home and work, my dad's cousin passed away, and mid terms and struggles to keep up in some of my classes.

I ask for everyone to give us prayer to help get over the stress that is attacking us for now so we can start feeling better towards the end of the year here.

Domafox signing out.
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