October 30th, 2007

evil doma

Halloween Group Pic (A Scary Treat)

Domafox here with the big project I have been working on this month.

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Everyone is invited to attend a halloween party hosted by Lupun Leolas. However they have yet to see what Doma is dressed up as, and much to his dismay (due to losing a contest with Lupun) he comes down the stairs in a costume he rather have burned at first sight but has to face humiliation in front of his best friends.

Furs from left to right.

Brownwolf (Indiana Jones outfit) copyright of brown_wolf, Nitro & Heat (Ninja Outfits) copyright of firewolf66, Huttser Greywolf (Viking) copyright of huttsergreywolf, Agrippa (Viking) Copyright of Ash, Doma (princess dress) & Lupun Leolas (Fire Emblem Knight) copyright of me, Abe Husky (Full Metal Alchemist) Copyright of abehusky, and Farwolf (the reanimator) copyright of farraptor