December 16th, 2007

Michelle Light

Update of the Week

Domafox here again with an update of what is going on with me so far.


Well last week in First Aid I missed my final written test by 4 points, however I have a second chance to retake the test on Tuesday this week which is the same one I took on Wednesday. Tomorrow I have to turn in my final assignment for Life Drawing and then I will be able to get all of my stuff back that I worked on so I can post them to my art site and show everyone here what I have been working on that made me improve in my arts this year.


As we all know Christmas Break is coming soon and which means its vacation time again and for my family its a long two day trip from Idaho to Arizona and we begin our trip on Saturday and we won't be back till New Years day because we have a side trip to make in the L.A., CA area to see some members of the family again since the funeral. At the same time I hope I get the chance to spend a day with Firewolf when I get there since we don't hang out often enough in RL.

-Location & Home-

Well the snow has been getting very below freezing point and its just too unbearable to be outside a whole lot. However this past week I saw something funny in my campus parking lot which I have in the image here.

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Someone just completely saran wrapped an entire car and I was amused by this event.

Well that about wraps up this report and I will have to make my New Years report a bit earlier so I can post it when I get net access while away on vacation. That is all for now, Domafox signing out.
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