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Califur Report

Domafox here with a Califur Report of what went on with me for the past 4 days.

Thursday (Pre-con arrival): I left for Spokane Airport at 8:30 am and I made it to my plane at 10:30 am. The flight for Las Vegas connection was 15 minutes early and it seemed as if everything was going to go as planned, until there was a techincle problem with the fuel pump on the plane. They were doing their best to fix the problem but gave a warning it may take 30 mins or 2 hours to resolve. I was not going to be in the mood to be stuck in Las Vegas for two hours, but thankfully the problem was fixed and I was only 30 minutes late.

I made it to Burbank where firewolf66 picked me up and we drove back to his place to drop my stuff off. We made our way to the con where we met up with brown_wolf and t_h_squirrel and helped them get the stuff ready for Califur in the dealer's den. We all then headed out for Red Lobster and talked all night. After dinner was over, we went back to the hotel dropped Trigger off, and brown wolf came with us back to Firewolf's place. We spent the night playing games, watching the NES Nerd ranting about bad Spider Man games and some game show outtakes.

Friday (1st day): the first day of the con arrives, we spent the morning talking with Firewolf's mother about myself in general and also about classic nickelodeon shows for most of the breakfast time. Next we headed straight towards the arcades and had to face Firewolf in Marvel vs Capcom 2. I lost big time on the arcades compared to winning a couple of matches on his Dreamcast at home. However I lost a bet, and the penalty for losing was eating MAGGOTS. Seen in the video here.

After that event was over, we all went to a Japanese restaurant to get the taste out of my mouth, and then we all got ourselves set for the trip to Califur. One the way over, we saw 4 car accidents on the highway which made a huge parking lot of cars on the opposite direction a very long way back. We finally made it there and went to get ourselves registered. We ran into tabbicus on the way inside. While at the desk, I had a rat on my shoulder when Trigger let is hang onto me while I was getting set. One of the females running the registration started getting too nervous about it. We also spotted farraptor, Nikko, Gemma, and Trail Horse there.

Once we got set, we went for the dealers den and started getting our pre-ordered items from Zhavgod. I went to get badge commissions from Terrie Smith as you see in my Avatar, Marci McAdam, and I went to get sketch commissions from balt0 and Kitsumi.

Later That evening, we had a big furtopian furmeeting. We chatted up on how many cons we have been to, what we liked about the fandom in general, and also went to have Ice Cream at the social there. It was so cold to be out there eating Ice Cream with windy blows going on. Trigger then let me play with the hand buzzer to a Press Your Luck game on his laptop. Afterwards we spent more time enjoying getting together. Brownwolf, Firewolf, and I went out to get something to eat before the fursuit dance arrived. Then came the moment for me to get on the dance floor and fursuit in it. We went on doing this until it was time to vacate the building and turn in for the night.

Saturday (2nd day): The next day, we spent some more time in the con rooms to learn more about furry drawing basics from a professional artist, who also ended up drawing sheaths all the time :P. Later we waited a bit more in the game room and dealers den until later we had the fursuit parade where there were over 50 suiters there. Later we found out that Far was bought for Tabbicus at the Pet Auction where he was with him for the rest of the day.

Later we spent time at an art jamming session, we saw yippee there. Later we met up with rockopup outside the con. Afterwards, Firewolf, Brownwolf and I went to the mall next to the con and headed for Rudy's Diner for dinner that night. When the time came for us to head back for the fursuit dance again, we were hoping the Caberet would not go into overtime like it did last year, and thankfully it ended on time. We went to suit up and dance and it was going good so far until they cued the Hamster Dance where the three of us bailed out on that one.

When Brownwolf headed for the bed, Firewolf and I hung around the fursuit lounge where we talked with the other suiters and furtopian suiters. Among the group we saw there as well was firewire and Speed Cheetah. We all talked about famous nickelodeon shows again and a lot about what our plans were after Califur is over. Most of them being about FC 08. Firewolf and I then headed back to the room to get back into our normal clothing again where we scared Brownwolf at the door.

Sunday (Last Day): Well Firewolf and I made an early departure for the con on sunday so I could do some last shopping before I left on my flight. The next thing we talked about was staying at the hotel this time and also getting a later flight for next year since it was too early for me to leave before the auction took place. Either way I got what was left for me to get while Firewolf went to secure the auction bid I won. I was at the airport now where we got onto the flight to Las Vegas again and there were so much hassles into leaving for Spokane because the flight was suppose to leave at 3:55 pm and I was stuck in the plan until 3:30. When I got to the gate, I found out the flight to Spokane was delayed which gave me some time to make it, however leaving it was a bigger problem with an hour delay from the normal time. I made it back home safely where I was greeted by my parents at the gate, and once I got back home, I was greeted by my dog Lodo, who was over excited to see me return safely.

This was so much better than last year and I have my goals set to make it to FC 08 as of now. There will be pics in the next post I made, that is all for now, Domafox signing out.


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