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Got a Problem?

Domafox here, just some mindless points that I have been dealing with since I got back from Califur on Monday.

I notice that a close furiend of mine has just de-friended me on my LJ list for some unknown reason. My assumption was because of my Califur Report and Pics I posted and he didn't want to see anything about it since he couldn't attend. If that wasn't bad enough, he un-watched me on my FA site possibly for similar reasons.

I know I didn't mean to hurt or be insensitive about it, but its something I love to share with others and keep in my own journal as a keepsake memory.

If people don't want to see a full out entry in my LJ, they can politely ask me to hide it behind an LJ cut so they don't have to read it, which I did anyway as of now to save friend space.

As of now, I don't know what is on his mind, all I hope is he can reconsider and not denounce the friendship we have had for a long time.

For extra reasons I rather not say who is it, because he already has enough trouble as it is in his life and could not use any more of it.

To him if he ever reads it: I'm sorry if I did something to hurt your feelings, I was never meant to be a mean friend, nor was I ever making you distant from my life. I still want to honor my friendship to you if you are willing to receive it. If you won't then I will respect it and let you live on in life as you want it to be as an individual. I'm sorry.

That is all I have to say, Domafox signing out.


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