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Domafox here again with some small updates about what has been happening in the family life.

My dad is getting all too stressed about projects around the house that needs a lot of help with. Mostly my brother and I are required to help him out since so much is happening. I am concerned about his health in general because it has been very rough on his life. There have been a few cases where there is misunderstanding on what he wants done, and usually my brother and I have a hard time to respond to it.

Also the family cat isn't doing too well himself. He is getting bone skinny now do to lack of eating propperly. The Kitty AIDS is getting to him badly now and there isn't much we can do about it. My parents believe he won't make it by the time the wedding occours with the way he is doing. I just feel unhappy about losing him by that time if it does happen.

As for the wedding itself, I got the special poster all completed of my sister and her fiance which is seen here.

The poster is at the print center now being proofed and prepared for printing by Wednesday.

As for Grandma, she is still uncertain if she can make it to Ohio for the wedding as well making my dad go for back up plans and ideas in the event she can't make it. They are planning to use digital webcameras for the viewing of the wedding. Hopefully it will work.

As you can see the family life is just crazy as of now and that everything here is going to be busy until the wedding is over with.

That is all for the meantime, Domafox signing out.


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